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For Grandville City Council

About Me

My name is J.R. and I am a Council Member in the City of Grandville who is running for election. I love this community, the schools, local business, parks and most importantly, the people. I pride myself on thoughtfulness, listening and truth through transparency.

I am raising 5th generation Grandville Bulldogs and I can honestly say that I love calling Grandville my home. My wife and I have been local business owners in the downtown corridor for 14 years and strong supporters of the Chamber of Commerce and truly care about the success of the city for many reasons. Our children attend the fantastic schools, and we work, play and worship right here in Grandville. Being connected to the pulse of Grandville is my WHY as that fuels my daily desire to serve and listen to the community.

By serving as a Council Member since April, I have earned the trust and respect to successfully serve the city and the decisions involved. Being a former member of the Planning Commission as well as a current Board Member for WCET-TV, I have been involved in many areas that impact Grandville. I am committed to enhance the quality of living in Grandville, while improving connectivity and walkability through city beautification, environmental sustainability without compromising fiscal responsibility. I humbly ask for your vote so we can continue to make our city a desirable place to call home. Not only now, but for future generations as well.

About Me

Issues & Stances

Issues and Stances

"How do I know that J.R. is committed to the citizens of Grandville? Because for years I have seen that he is among the first to volunteer when help is needed. On the City Council he has an immediate grasp of the issues as he researches them, provides great insight and has a tremendous vision for the future. Instead of just talking, J.R. listens and works towards solutions.”

- Mayor Steve Maas

​​​✓ Transparency to the Residents through Community Engagement

✓ Dedicated to Maintaining Exceptional Standards of Quality of Living

✓ Fiscal Responsible Servant of Public Policy

✓ Committed to City Beautification and Environmental Sustainability

✓ Former Planning Commission Member

✓ Current WCET-TV Board Member




Randy Gelderloos

City of Grandville Council Member


Stan Ponstein

Kent County Commissioner


Carole Pettijohn

Former City of Grandville Council Member

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Heath Jurgens

Downtown Development Authority Member

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